Top 10 Norwegian fjords

NaeroyfjordHere are the top 10 Norwegian fjords, which will take you on a journey that is unlike any other on the planet. Magical landscapes, unspoiled natural beauty, untouched paradises, visual magic, has descriptions of traveling around the Norwegian fjords. And fully deserved. It would be a shame for every traveler and naturalist, if at least once in their life do not touch their magic, retained their purity crystalline form of the days they were created during the last ice age. Landmarks in Norway are home not only to the largest coral reefs and the promised land of the fish world and a true gateway to a natural nirvana.
GeirangerfjordThe magnetic Sognefiord is the crown jewel of the Norwegian fjords with a unique view, which create rapidly soaring into the heavens 1,000-foot cliffs. It is the largest in Norway and the second largest in the world. Long is 205 km. shirok- 4, 5 km. and a depth of 1 308 m. below sea level.
Norway FrierfjordenHardangerfjord
Known for its magnificent trails for hiking and beautiful plant life, Hardangerfiord is the second largest fjord in Norway and the third worldwide - is 179 km long. Starting at Bergen and one of the favorite places for foreign tourists because it is easily accessible. Its charm lies in the beautiful panoramas magnetic sunsets and romantic small towns and villages, full of life shores.
40 -kilometroviyat Lisefiord not sound as majestic dimensions, but unforgettable landscapes, the charm of untamed wildlife and genuine adventure that radiates earned allot him a place among the most popular fjords in the world. The main attraction of the fjord is Preikestolen-rock pulpit, which rises to an impressive 604 meters over Lisefiord. The view from the top of the rock is unique and the experience can not help but stand your hair. The view that opens from the mountain Kjeragbolten is no less impressive.
This 15-mile fjord is located in northeastern Norway and is home to Brudesløret (Marital Veil) and De syv søstrene (Seven Sisters) - both famous waterfall. In addition to the exciting cruise on the fjord, other possible activities and a good time are fishing, rafting, canoeing, horseback riding and skiing in the summer.
LysefjordLocated in the heart of Western Norway, Naeroyfjord is part of the list of World Heritage by UNESCO because of its unparalleled natural beauty, wealth of majestic sights and sounds. 17 km long, towering at a height of 1700 meters. Fjord surrounded by towering mountain slopes is a favorite place of many picnic and kayak.
Known that throughout the year its waters do not freeze, Trondheimsfjord is amazing marine ecosystem with at least 90 species of fish. Many of its branches are inaccessible and to reach them need considerable dose of enthusiasm. A fact that reinforces its irresistible charm.
NordfjordFamous with glacier Briksdalsbreen, Nordfjord offers tourists the best of historical and geographical riches of the Norwegian fjords. Situated between the beautiful and majestic
Gerangerfiord Sognefiord, this 110- mile natural wonder offers a vast icy pateshestvenie in your flesh to the sea. Besides rafting, canoeing Karanaya, skiing in the summer, tourists can make a trip to the famous monastery Selje.
Oslofjord"Friery" literally name beautiful and this is Frierfjorden - faraway  megalomania of the big fjords, noisy growing commercial centers, he enjoys the charm and comfort of small towns. Beautiful sunsets, pleasant ferry ride to Grenland Bridge and, of course, the aurora borealis, the closer you get to the North Pole.
Known not only for their beauty, but that managed to save
Norwegians from the German invasion in 1940. Although not a true fjord in the geographical sense, Oslofiord definitely not to be missed.
True natural wonder, a breath of fresh oxygen to the senses and adventure in the world of unexplored areas of the planet. They call it the wettest fjord because of the enormous amount of rain that falls, a steep nestled in a mountainous embrace, rocks end with dense forests.

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