Mountain track from Karlovo to Dobrila hut

Mountain track from Karlovo to Dobrila hut  everyone to do as long as you have the physical ability to walk for hours on the slopes of Stara Planina. Let me just clarify that this lodge is much visited by tourists because it is located on the ridge in the mountains to a height of 1804 meters. Below above the cities of Sopot and Karlovo. But let's start from the beginning. We set out with my best friend Dakata at 5:00 am from Ruse.
 In Karlovo we were at 8.30 hours, tight packs and headed up the steep trail to the hut Karlovo Hubavets. This trail is a favorite place for walking not only the residents of Karlovo, but also from neighboring settlements. Very picturesque place to travel to the mountain, as the road passes near the river, which in May is very deep. Hut Hubavets be reached in two hours without any problems and moderate pace. Pass over the river on several bridges, which can make a nice panoramic photos.
 Hut Hubavets we met an old man who apparently chalet hosts, we ate at a soup lens (was excellent). We rested 20 minutes and headed through the forest to the hut well. In the beginning there is a steep climb by passing several ravines, no bridges, and the river is crossed by fallen trees.  
After the forest come some steep meadows and winter is marked with stakes. The weather was clear with little clouds that we do not particularly worried. Actually Central Balkan know it very well because it's our favorite spot for hiking. Already raised altitude trail winds in steep majestic cliffs. We went through a few mountain waterfalls, which in summer are dry. It leads to a saddle and the path to Dobrila, which is quite roundabout arrived safely. Away. Looker to x. Good is about 6 hours. Or total purely walking from Karlovo to good 8 hours with an average pace. We took about nine hours because we love to shoot. Dobrila is one of the most luxurious in Bulgaria (at least where I went). It's like a 2 star hotel. The most pleasant moment after such a hard hike hot tea with rum. Dinner delicious beans and a little blah-bara other mountaineers and planinarki;);). The next day we went down to the first upper lift station and about 10 minutes down to x. Forget. It is closed you do not know why, for me.
 We go back to x. Ok, we ate soup and lentils went to Ambaritsa. A good pace climbing 1 hour we were up on top. There is a small tin shack, click a photo session and saw that the weather spoils. Dense clouds coming from the west. The forecast was for heavy rain in the early afternoon to evening. The descent was quite steep and we had to follow the mountain rib over Karlovo path because there is no marked path. Pass through a pine forest in which it was obvious that soon no one passed except wildlife. At the rib we felt that it was safer to go to not catch a path that will lead us in Sopot. It is quite steep in places extreme, but at the expense of view of Karlovo and gullies are very beautiful. 
 It got to a forest where there is a path and hobbling, limping went to the main road to the city. I write kutsuk- limping because I called an old knee injury which thankfully I do not want to go down the mountain. Descents on steep terrain are also tiring because loaded ankles and all links in the legs. Even the likelihood of getting injured when driving is much greater. Duration of the transition during the second day of 8 hours. The total length of distance traveled for two days is about 45 km. For reservations and bookings for next mountain adventure write me in FACEBOOK. Until we meet again dear friends.

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