The most interesting top 10 attractions in South America

Brazil Amazon junglThe most visited and most beautiful attractions in  South America that tourists prefer to see when they come in this distant continent on Earth.
Fourth largest continent is South America and the fifth most populous in the world. Located in the Western Hemisphere at least countries - only 12. 
The largest rainforest in the world Amazon covers a large area of ​​the continent. Here are two of the largest deserts in the world - the Atacama and Patagonia. Located in the countries of Chile and Argentina, despite the harsh conditions frequently visited place by tourists who organize tours.  
Andes are another natural attraction in South America mountain range crossing from north to south across the continent. Here is a very famous Lake Titicaca, which is the highest lake in the world. 
Brazilian Amazon jungle
 Andes are known for their active and inactive volcanoes that come into the tourist routes and attractions. Andes mountains offer visitors spectacular views and unfamiliar cities for foreigners. The most famous country is Brazil, which attracts tourists to relax in the beautiful scenery.  
Atacama Desert LakeRio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo are the most visited cities in Brazil. The country is famous not only for the football World Cup, but also because of the big stadiums. What can visit in South America? The most exciting in our view tourist destination to relax in South America Rio de Janeiro.
 Multimillion Brazilian city provides the most exciting experiences: Statue of Jesus Christ and the Maracana stadium.  
A helicopter tour over Rio de Janeiro is one of the options, and walk on the beach is another option. About 50 kilometers into the Atlantic are islands Fernando de Noronha and Trindadi and Martim Vaz, who also frequented by tourists. 
Iguazu falls Another option is to go to Iguazu Falls, located on the border with Argentina. Waterfalls are very picturesque in the jungle around Parana River. From there you can immediately go to Argentina and the capital Buenos Aires.
 European architecture is everywhere, because throughout Argentina is populated with former Europeans. This is the home of tango in some tourist able to enjoy exciting holidays Gaucho Land. South America belong Easter Island located in the Pacific Ocean.
Beach in Fernando de Noronha Also offer some islands monitoring penguins. Another interesting destination is the main attraction of Peru Machu Picchu known among locals as the forgotten city of the Incas. Titicaca in Peru is the highest navigable lake in the world. 
 The high altitude is the main problem in Peru. It requires acclimatization before leaving to tour the country and in particular the Andes. But on the other hand a break there will affect wonderful health. In the Patagonian Andes are the national parks "Torres del Paine" and "Los Glaciares".  
Moai statues Easter IslandVery well preserved from human intervention and attract many tourists. Interestingly, most visitors rush to leave for the glory of change in Patagonia.  
Lago Argentino is the last place that comes into our route in this article on the top 10 attractions in South America. Shaped like a scorpion, and his claws and head are carved into the rock fjords.

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