The most beautiful sunsets in Africa

Botswana sunset Africa
Ethiopia sunset AfricaThe choice of the most beautiful sunsets in Africa, which I managed to photograph in my travel on the black continent was very difficult. I am writing difficult because among the thousands of pictures is quite tiring to find the most appropriate, because each frame has its own history.
Kenya sunset Africa
Kilimanjaro sunset Africa landscape Interesting thing is that when I make my photos sealed the sounds of the environment, which can not reproduce in my creations. Here I got 10 most impressive pictures of sunsets from the continent of Africa. Here are 10 memorable moments of my trips in this part of the Earth. Let's start with Botswana.
The photograph was taken in the Kalahari National Reserve during the dry period in the country. I was lucky that there were no wild animals.
Lessoto sunset Africa
Other interesting photographs are from Kenya. This country is incredibly beautiful scenery, like most countries in Africa.
I chose a time when the air was clean fallen after recent rain. I added a picture of the sunset from Kilimanjaro and as you see I have made minor adjustments with Photoshop to come to the fore mountains.
Namibia sunset Africa
Interesting sunset in Ethiopia I managed to catch on Lake Tana during the rainy season. Then the lake becomes enormous.
The most beautiful sunset I think in this article is sunset in Zimbabwe. I did it during a safari organized by my hosts from the capital Harare. Another interesting attraction is Victoria Falls and the Zambezi River, which will write in detail in my other article.
Kenya sunset Africa
The car I could see live rhinos and monkeys, which is a real achievement. Namibia is amazingly beautiful country and my picture was taken by one of the few water sources dry up during the dry period. Overall desert landscapes predominate even along the coast.
Tanzania sunset AfricaThe picture of the sunset in Lesotho is made to Makhaleng River near the dam Cats. Do not be fooled by what they write on other sites that Lesotho is a tropical climate, it is because of this latitude. Since the terrain is mountainous, everything is shifted to one geographic zone up.
Uganda sunset Africa
In other words, the nature corresponds to moderate latitudes. The last photograph of which will draw your attention to a nice sunset from Uganda.
Zimbabwe sunset AfricaAs a little late with the preparation of filming technique is clearly visible greenery of nature in Uganda. The photo is from the direction of Lake Victoria, Kenya.
Organization of my entire journey in this part of Africa below the equator was easy, although the English language that I speak to do not help much with the local population which is illiterate and poor.

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