The most visited landmarks in Asia

Great China Wall A short list of the most visited landmarks in Asia, which should see if you have enough time and of course necessary for this money.
City of Petra in Jordan1. Great China Wall while it is not built in antiquity not in vain that it is considered one of the wonders of the world. It was built during the 20th dynasty of China and has repeatedly rebuilt to become a defensive fortress against the tribes living in the north.
Angkor Wat in Cambodia 2. City of Petra in Jordan, protected by UNESCO and one of the most popular attractions in the Middle East. Mythical city founded about 1000 BC, repeatedly mentioned in the Bible.
Bagan in Myanmar3. Angkor Wat in Cambodia, an ancient temple complex with extremely large. Many well-preserved walled on all sides by a moat filled with water. Another name of Angkor Wat is Lost City, which often falls into the guidebooks.
4. Bagan in Myanmar, a huge valley of Buddhist temples in different sizes, which can be felt only if you see it from the air. It is advisable to get on a hot air balloon.
Borobudur Temple in Indonesia 5. Borobudur Temple in Indonesia, 504 Buddha statues arranged in succession 6 terraces, built during the golden age of the dynasty Saylendra, which ruled from 750 to 850.
Luang Prabang  Laos6. Luang Prabang  Laos the best preserved ancient historical city in Asia. Located in Laos - the old capital of the country town with many palaces and temples. In 1995 it was part of the World Cultural of UNESCO.
Forbidden City in Beijing  7. Anuradhapura in Sri Lanka, monastic town with many temples, monasteries and palaces. The most famous landmark in Sri Lanka remains a stone statue Avukana Buddha. The statue is 13 meters high made of stone around with great precision in the jungles of Sri Lanka.
Anuradhapura in Sri Lanka 8.Baalbek in Lebanon, an ancient city built in the time of Julius Caesar with many Roman churches, and Academic tutoring as needed complex was completed during the reign of Nero. Unfortunately, this attraction is not a known and visited because of the war in Lebanon.
Shwedagon Pagoda in Myanmar9. Forbidden City in Beijing palace complex in China's capital Beijing thousandths buildings richly decorated in bright colors typical of Chinese culture.
 10. Shwedagon Pagoda in Myanmar, a unique building and gilded Buddhist monument in the capital Yangon.
Baalbek in Lebanon

98 meters high, covered with about 9 tons of gold and many precious ornaments. It leads to four inputs and is available only for men.
Continent of Asia is very exotic and certainly there are many sites that have not been able to pay attention to, such as the Taj Mahal in India and the Thai island of Phuket with its exotic beaches.
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