Most beautiful tropical islands

I always wanted to make a list of the most beautiful tropical islands of the Earth that I've traveled. This is my personal opinion and does not commit it to true. Of course there are many exotic islands in the world and would hardly be possible with such an article to describe. I will offer to your attention the ten island, which will surely like it. 
Bali, the most famous island in Indonesia. 
Most beautiful BahamasMost beautiful BalearicThe beaches are long and lively, especially those that are close to large hotel chains. In the interior of the island is a tropical jungle and many Buddhist temples, where every day is a holiday. Water  is very blue and warm all year round, ideal for all water sports and sailing. Evenings are wet and cool, perfect for romance and love. 

Most beautiful Bali island
The island of Bora Bora, I think the most beautiful of all the islands in French Polynesia. Great attraction and symbol of this place are the houses in water lined one after the other and interconnected with wide path lined by boards. Moreover, Bora Bora has a shallow lagoon around the whole island, in which you are protected and can independently bathe or ride a boat without worries. The place is suitable for honeymooners and couples.  
Most beautiful Bora Bora island
Seychelles, around 100 islands in the Indian Ocean, turned into a real paradise where you can forget the time and the madness of civilization. The islands are very close to each other and are all available for tourists. The beaches are of fine white sand, and around the islands are interesting reefs for diving. 
Most beautiful caribbean islandsMaldives coral islands in the Indian Ocean, which seek to attract tourists thanks to the white beaches and calm turquoise lagoons. My impression of this paradise are good, but unfortunately they are too small islands scattered in the ocean on a very small altitude. Maldives is preferable if you want to dive in the shallow waters of the lagoons because no sharks.  
Most beautiful Hawaii islandsCaribbean extensively concept of large volcanic group in the Caribbean. You will not get a summer to explore all the islands, but I recommend you to visit Puerto Rico, Guadeloupe and Martinique. Hawaiian Islands, a group of islands in the Pacific, I think the most beautiful but also the most expensive vacation. There is absolutely everything you could dream of, but rather large price.
Most beautiful Maldives Mountains, waterfalls, enchanting beaches and clean air. I would personally stayed to live here for the rest of his life without thinking.  
Bahamas, most of the islands are covered with low tropical vegetation, but it does have gorgeous beaches and many beautiful landscapes suitable for panoramic photos. Underwater diversity is huge, especially in the area of ​​coral reefs. 
Most beautiful Seychelles Balearic Islands, located in the Mediterranean favorite vacation spot for the rich Europeans who conquered the islands of Mallorca and Ibiza. Proximity to southern Europe is the reason for the large influx of tourists. The Balearic Islands are quite rocky and no high vegetation that provides shade to the beach. To me they really like the beaches in Greece. The list of the most beautiful tropical islands is long and probably I missed some islands, for which please be excused.

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