Amazing pictures of Dominican Republic

Enjoy of amazing pictures of Dominican Republic especially beaches and hotel complexes. Is there a more beautiful place than the Caribbean? There is no way to know before you go all over the world, but certainly the Caribbean are beautiful and worth the many hours of flight from Europe. Caribbean, but where exactly? It comes to the Dominican Republic as the most visited destination in the region. Remote 8-9 hour flight from some western European airport, it is quite different compared to our European and modern world. Endless beaches, overlooking either the infinite ocean or deep blue waters of the Caribbean, interesting and smiling people, despite the difficult life, whistling in the morning in one of the local rhythms ...
Dominican Republic Amazing pictures
Warm and humid air, surprising and short rains, bright green vegetation , iguanas and other exotic beasts. Beach front hotel no umbrellas this role and perform it more aesthetic, date palms. The gardens around the hotel seems just like giant greenhouses for Dutch flowers. Croton kalatei, Ficuses and other exotic plants that we used to see only florists, here thrive most freely and naturally. Merengue and bachata sound all day and this music remains hauntingly in mind and instead of dance steps, more prone to laziness like no other music.
 Bavaro Beach
 Bavaro Beach - Here is the paradise of all-inclusive unlike Bulgarian resorts in the Dominican hardly be possible otherwise. At least in remote locations from Santo Domingo surely would be too risky to eat somewhere outside the hotel complexes, if ever find a suitable place. In the towns around the east coast we saw sell meat - it just hangs on the stalls in the streets of the 32-degree heat. But food in restaurants and hotels is impeccable and quality and choice. In the high category hotels have several restaurants and with a different theme of the kitchen. Hotels - It is good to note that local categorization of hotels not always coincide with our understanding of 4-and 5-star luxury and it would be better to stop or hotel known chain which itself guarantees the number of stars or more you prefer a local hotel, at least check out the catalogs of some of the major tour operators how many stars is honored because they certainly reflect the real level of comfort and service at the hotel. But generally the most visited resorts and small independent hotels hard to find, most are part of chains operating throughout the Caribbean region.
Hotel around Punta Cana - accommodation in two-storey cottages. Few geography. Some may not know that the Dominican Republic and Haiti share an island - Hispaniola - this is the place where he first stepped foot on Christopher Columbus in 1492. Hispaniola is one of the Great Antilles with Cuba, Jamaica and Puerto Rico. As a guide when choosing a particular location for a holiday in the Dominican Republic is good to know that the Caribbean Sea and the capital Santo Domingo fall to the south.
Domenican republic resort
On the south coast are famous resorts and beaches of Boca Chica, Juan Dolio, Bayahibe, and some of the most popular resorts on the east coast - Bavaro Beach and the area of ​​Punta Cana, where land almost all charter flights. Resorts around Puerto Plata, where he also has an international airport and Sosua, Cabarete, Samana, located on the northern coast, which overlooks the Atlantic Ocean. In the north lies the highest mountain range on the island, and there wet season occurs at a different time than on other coasts of the country. Basically elsewhere rainy season is between May and October, and to the north - between November and January.
 The color of the water in the Caribbean. Cultural and natural attractions. Local culture has blended the traditions and history of the indigenous peoples - Indians tribe Taina, Spanish colonists and African slaves. It is best to organize at least a day trip to Santo Domingo and the Colonial city there, which are clustered almost all the most interesting monuments from the time of the Spanish Empire. The capital of the Dominican Republic is the oldest city in the Caribbean, and its sights are part of the UNESCO as World Heritage. Leaving by boat from the beach Bayahibe. Another option for leisure, except laze on the beach is a walk catamaran to the national park - the island Saone. There are no hotels or other buildings, sheds only by palm trees and wooden benches around the beach to prepare barbecue.
The best Domenican beach
The island is wild and uninhabited, in the waters of the Caribbean Sea still 15-20 cm deep colored exotic fish swim, the water is warm and the sand - the fine. Harvesting of this paradise it with speed boats and on the way back there shoal inside, where you can swim and dive over sandy bottom strewn with starfish and other water dwellers, of course, that you are not afraid of the mere fact I'm a kilometer from the shore. Returning from the park Saone.  What is the visa regime for the Dominican Republic? It is useful to know that in order to travel to the Dominican Republic for tourism you no longer need visas if they will stay there for longer than 30 days, and only a passport with 6 months validity.
Upon entering the country buys tourist card that costs 10 USD. Upon leaving the Dominican Republic due to other fee of 20 USD, which is paid at the airport before your flight back. In other words, nothing prevents you travel to this Caribbean island and inhale less tropical air along some of its beautiful shores for a week, listen to the sounds of bachata to stay forever in your mind with unprecedented colors of water plants, seabed and horizon.

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