Singapore attractions for everyone

Singapore attractions for everyone. In Singapore landmarks are literally at every step. By Loyal Travel assure you that a trip is not enough to visit even half of the historical sites, attractions, parks and just picturesque corners of this amazing Asian country. The first question that comes to tourists after accommodation in the hotel is "What to Consider in Singapore?".
Singapore sightseeing
Many of them even get confused what to choose when they realize how many surprises provides this small country. Located along Singapore River attractions can tell a lot about the past and present of outstanding small country. In 1819 Sir Raffles builds on the north bank of the river, to proclaim these lands owned by the British colony. This place is called Raffles Place and it colonizers rise administrative building. Here are the buildings of the former Parliament, the City Council and the Supreme Court.
 Nearby rises monument of Raffles and are architectural landmarks of Singapore. The southern coast is a springboard for active maritime trade. More than a century, thousands of ships are moored, contributed to the flowering of the small republic. This division has remained to this day, on the north coast are the
Singapore landmarks
administrative offices and the south is the financial center of Singapore. Singapore River is so clean that it can catch fish and piers Clark Kee and Boat Key are not only very beautiful but are also known for the finest restaurants, pubs and cafes, and a wide selection of entertainment. Here it is customary to note the major holidays in Singapore. Sentosa Island is extremely beautiful tropical island is rightly considered one of the major attractions in Singapore.
On Sentosa enough to sunbathe under the caressing rays of the sun, happy to dig in the sand on the beach and endless to enjoy the starry sky. There is plenty to see in Singapore and evening. Sentosa is famous for its entertainment. Tourists waiting amazing laser show unperceived and breathtaking attractions Sentosa Cine and Sky Ride and Luge. Less extreme, but no less pleasant relaxation promises the walk to the beach bus. The program of the trip are visits to the beaches Tanjong, Siloso and Palawan. It is worth attention and enchanting show of fountains under the romantic title "Songs of the Sea". On Sentosa are the best sights of Singapore for nature lovers. It extends the unique Butterfly Park and stunning Oceanarium, which is known worldwide for its show
Singapore monuments
of pink dolphins. The island is located 35-meter Merlion. This is a statue of a mythical creature half fish , half  lion, which is a symbol of Singapore. In the evening we recommend that you go the way of the lion-fish, illuminated by hundreds of lights. Among other attractions of Singapore worth your time to take the unique parks with incredible beauty. True pageant of colors is revealed before the eyes of visitors to the Botanical Garden of Singapore. This is a unique landscape complex, which collected thousands of exotic plants. The garden is more than 150 years and covers an area of ​​over 630 acres.
 There are many lakes and delightful Swan Lake. If you worry about the question of what to look at first in Singapore, then start a garden with orchids. It does not grow at less than one thousand different types of orchids and even 2000 are not less beautiful hybrid. Very interesting Bird Park.
Singapore skyline at night
This is a huge landscaped complex where free walking flamingos flying parrots and many other birds. Here you can see the show with their participation and to ride on the panoramic train. Among the sights of Singapore enjoys huge popularity zoo. This is an open park where the animals are not in cages.
Predators are securely isolated from visitors with natural barriers - deep trenches, ditches with water, logs, etc. Zoo occupies no less than 280 acres. Inhabited it more than 3000 different animals. Sure to visit Heavenly Park in Singapore. This is a unique complex, located 200 meters high, on the roofs of three skyscrapers. Nearby you can enjoy the largest telescope for observation with a diameter of 150 meters and a capacity for 28 people to a room. These and other parks in Singapore promise Visitors mass entertainment and positive emotions.

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