The most beautiful places in Croatia

The most beautiful places in Croatia, but not only on the beaches of Istria and Dalmatia, which are great, but will peek behind the scenes of a country with thousand island! This coast is too wonderful not to come back here again and again. These cities are too fabulous not to be selected for Västerås in the filming of "Game of Thrones." This kitchen is too delicious to follow a diet. Here are the top 8 Loyal Travel to the most interesting places in Croatia, added! "Pearl of the Adriatic" is famous not only for its architectural "delicacies" (Square Luzha palace lintels Church "Saint Blaise", Dominican and Franciscan monasteries and the royal palace, you should see a must!), But the real delicacies - Croatian cuisine is excellent. Make this, visiting idyllic restaurant with sea views, a home-cozy or such as Otto Taverna - interior itself causes appetite. 
55 km from Dubrovnik, greenery and poppies sank town Ston, famous for its "great Croatian wall.
" Built in the XIV century for protection Stonskata wall consists of 41 towers and two fortresses and ranks second in length after the Great. From wall visible Large and Small Ston, salty pools and picturesque road, crawling the bay. Sunset is better to meet in one of the restaurants with a bottle of wine with delicious mussels and oysters grown in a local farm. "I have nothing to wear" - this is not a problem for visitors to the small island of Koversada in the Adriatic Sea, which is known as a world center for nudists.
 Local beaches are blue flag, which means that you can achieve perfect tan in environmentally friendly conditions.
The most beautiful places in Croatia
As a whole Croatian island in the Adriatic Sea are in any sense separate worlds. Brac Island, where ferries arrive from Split, is known for its white marble and "Golden Cape". Zlatni Rat beach stretching 300 meters into the sea, constantly changing shape and position under the influence of currents and wind, and that means one thing - it is unique. For history lovers recommend visiting Brioni Islands. In this national park you will find the ruins of Roman buildings from the first century AD villa of Marshal Tito and the church "St. Germain," and in coastal waters lie the remains of a sunken Venetian fleet. For those who love to visit all the best most, will appeal the longest island in the Adriatic - Hvar and most wooded - Mljet. And the fledgling breed peacocks on the island of Lokrum, where we can see the ancient Benedictine monastery fortress of Napoleon and the Botanical Garden.
In Zadar they have learned to say hello to the sun during the night, and the promenade are turned into maritime authority. And for one, and others have to thank the architect Nikola Basic. During the day his installation "Pozdrav suncu" looks like a large disk of glass tiles, but with the fall of night turns into a fantasy dance floor of solar energy. Here Neptune itself creates a melody in the rhythm of the waves. This melody is carried by the unique musical instrument "Morske orgulje": along the coastline built 35 tubes in which "walk" sea air, giving birth to amazing sounds. Better one time to listen than to read a hundred times! Let us not scare you the title of "the most visited park in Croatia": first, Plitvice Lakes fully deserve it, and secondly - here you will not be close. Imagine: 16 emerald karst lakes and 92 silver waterfall.
Transparent aromatic air. Mountain caves.

The most beautiful nature in Croatia
Ancient beech and pine forests. And dozens of trails - from light and pleasant to walk half an hour to eight-hour long hikes. Get lost in the reservation is impossible, there are signs everywhere, but to have fought the foliage is not the best idea if you do not want to become lunch for the local fauna. Want to dive into the boiling mixture of old Slavic and Venetian carnival traditions?
Come in Rijeka. Throughout the city heard the roar of the carnival procession: here you can and Queen, and Baron and Moor and bull with a shepherd and juggler and magician - you want! Carnival of Rijeka scale, plenty of performances and degree of fun is soon carnivals in Brazil and Venice, and the motto of this festival in Rijeka is dictated by the only rule: Be what you want! Croatian Zagorje. If the doors to childhood not yet closed to you finally, heading towards the villages of Croatia Zagorje region north of Zagreb.
In Tugonitsa and Upper Stubitsa transmit the tradition of DIY wooden toys from generation to generation and this folk tradition is even included in the List of Intangible Cultural Heritage of UNESCO. Better memory of Croatia will not find! Colosseum in Pula. In Croatia have their own Roman amphitheater! Moreover, "Colosseum in Pula," despite his advanced age - more than two thousand years has been preserved where-where better than their fellows. So, you have the opportunity to look in detail four towers and all three architectural lines of this magnificent amphitheater not only the banknote of 10 kuna. A full immersion in the lower underground museum. We bet that it will climb back with the thought: "And if above there is no battle of gladiators now?".

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