Top six attractions on the island of Mykonos

Mykonos is a destination with one of the highest ratings in the directions "sun, sea and sand." He fights to win the first position against Ibiza quantity of young people visiting it. For how can fall in love with Mykonos and what the island can offer: sightseeing. Interestingly, Mykonos is named in honor of the grandson of Apollo.
Walking around the island, you can see visual evidence of Greek mythology. In the local museum presents a collection of artifacts, some of them are decorated with images of gods and heroes.
 Incidentally, Mykonos has two major museums - archaeological and ethnographic. Relationship with the story can continue in the Byzantine church Paraportiani. This is a unique example of how a snowy religious building with a spacious interior space is not only a tourist attraction but also daily visited by believers. Another business card of the island are old windmills against the tourists who love to shoot.
The two main beaches of Mykonos are Paradise and Super Paradise.
Both attract young people with its techno-parties. For those looking for peace and quiet is better to choose the beach Leah. You can go fishing or to try diving (diving is very trendy entertainment in recent years). This is one of the most remote beaches, but offer basic amenities. Agraria - another no less popular sandy beach.
 A picturesque place Psarou attracts international stars, who often opt for recreation exactly Mykonos. The special cuisine - the pride of Mykonos. The Greek people have a special talent for creating delicious dishes. Among the typical dishes of Mykonos you can find spicy pork and juicy kebabs,
all sorts of seafood and pastries, which added copper in generous quantities. Kitchen island (and all the islands of the Cyclades archipelago) are typical almond pastries, cheese Kopanisti (Kopanisti - spicy) and Ksinotiri (Ksinotiri - sour) and sausages, in which add special spices. Opportunity to visit the other islands. Thanks for a successful placement of Mykonos, tourists can travel to other islands.
 Nearby are Naxos, Tinos, Antiparos, but the island is connected by ferry to other popular destinations - Crete, Rhodes, Athens. The status of Mykonos as lively resort has been able to develop good air transport. Therefore, you can be sure: the island is not isolated and opened to tourists attractive prospects. Entertainment anytime. Mykonos - party. The main thing that attracts many to Mykonos is the opportunity to relax fully, including active. First, here are developed diving (diving), water skiing, windsurfing, parasailing (parachute flight by speedboat with views of the coastline). You can indulge in a jeep safari or go boating.
 Secondly, Mykonos has enough clubs for every tourist. Some people want noisy parties, while others prefer places with soft music - all of it is on the island.
You can also visit the water park Watermania, which is popular among all generations of tourists. There are water activities in all shapes and sizes, swimming pools, playgrounds, schools of diving and nightclub. Shoppers can not resist the jewelers, boutiques and curios. However most of the shops are local, although they were presented and international brands. In some of these prices are salty, but you can find affordable decorations and traditional handicraft products. Mykonos will find interesting elements for interior decorating and liqueur made from local organic products.

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