10 attractions in Prague

10 attractions in Prague with a rich history and friendly atmosphere. Exquisite architecture, romance and beauty will impress you. Create exciting memories of an unforgettable journey through the splendor of Prague! Our visit will begin with a tour of the city. The bus tour will help you identify the attractions that you would like to visit. Relax and get ready cameras - the adventure is just beginning! For a moment we will go over in the history of Prague. Legend has it that two brothers Cech and Lech filed tribes in Bohemia and found their territories on top of volcanic mountain Rzhip north of Prague. Czechs hit by the plague, sought refuge on the hill Hradcany. Today there stands a majestic castle, named after the hill - Hradcany. According to Guinness World Records, the biggest ancient castle in Europe. In the past Hradcany was the residence of Czech kings, and today - the President of the Czech Republic.
 The gates are guarded by the guard, which is
changed every hour, which is an exceptional attraction for tourists. In the palace complex are churches, government buildings and museums. A narrow passage leads to the third courtyard of the palace, which offers fabulous views of the imposing cathedral St. Vit. On entering the temple of God will remain silent on the elegant and powerful French Gothic structure. The colored glass decorated with stained glass windows are the work of the master of the new art landmarks in the Czech Republic - Alphonse Mucha. Besides its undeniable beauty St. Witt is a place full of historic moments.
In room coronation in the cathedral is the Bohemian Crown treasure, and the Royal Crypt is a place where most rulers of Bohemia have found their last place of rest. Another essential element of the palace is the "Golden alley," a favorite of the alchemists during the reign of Rudolf II. Lane marks its rise during the reign of Empress Maria Theresa, issuing an order to collapse all houses to the ground and build them again from stronger materials. Nowadays, the "golden street" is filled with small colorful houses. You can not be tempted to visit shops with handcrafted artwork on the first floor of the houses. For history lovers we recommend climb compounds second floor of houses where you can see the armor and various medieval weapons. Be sure to see the magnificent palace at night when it is lit by bright lights! The view is breathtaking. Historical tour continues with a visit to the Clock Tower "Astronomical Clock" - cultural property situated in the old town center. The tower was built in the XV-th century and was restored over the years. Today attracts thousands of tourists with its beautiful view that opens from the top.
 "Astronomical Clock" was created by three components - astronomical clock showing the movement of the sun, planets and the signs, calendar of months and "walk the apostles." Every hour the figures of the apostles seemed to come alive and pass the background music before the admiring glances of turistini. The climb to the top of the tower is also an attractive point, as you go through out clocks. Great place for history lovers is the National Museum. The museum building is an amazing architectural monument. Do not forget to take pictures in front of the entrance.
The museum will surely remind you of some famous European palaces. Prepare yourself enough time to see it as it is divided into five departments - prehistory, archeology, ethnography, numismatics and theater. Your visit to Prague will not be complete without visiting the emblem of the city - Charles Bridge. It connects the "old place" with "Minor Party" in the Vltava River. Construction of the bridge began in 1357g. during Charles IV and was completed at the beginning of the XV-th century. The bridge is decorated by statues of various saints, one of which is the brothers Sv. Sv. Cyril and Methodius. Charles Bridge is in the Gothic style as by the "old place" is a tower on the other side - two towers.
 During the day the bridge is full of tourists who enjoy the wonderful scenery and the various street artists and musicians. The walk at night is filled with romance and fabulous views over the city. Just twenty kilometers from Prague Castle rises "Karlštejn". It can be reached by train. Once you reach the castle will think that you are part of the plot of a fantastic fairy tale. The castle is another building, the work of Charles IV. "Karlštejn" was originally designed to store royal treasures. It is important to know that the palace is closed on Monday. Symbolic place for Prague Tower "Powder Gate", which in the past was one of the seventeen entrance to the "old place." Built in 1475g. and it has a height of 65 meters purposes. In its construction, "Powder Gate" was a warehouse of gunpowder - hence its name. Today the top of the tower you can enjoy an exciting view over Prague. To reach the top you need to climb 168 steps.
Efforts, however, surely deserve. Attraction and represents exhibition featuring historical footage. Arm yourself with patience and desire and climb the 168 steps to the divine views and extraordinary exhibition! One of the most visited attractions in Prague church "Virgin Mary of Loreto.
" The temple is a replica of the house in Ephesus, where the Virgin Mary spent the last years of her life. The church is magnificent Renaissance building - a true work of art. The facade was built in the 20s of XVIII-th century. The style of the church is not chosen by chance, it is believed that the Virgin Mary will protect the city's population of terrible disaster. The church is exposed Loretanskata treasury.
We're sure most of you will be interested in visiting the museum of beer. Residents of the Czech Republic consume the most beer per capita in the world. The museum is the place where you can thoroughly to familiarize yourself with the process of production of beer and try different types.
Entry will receive a full list of the various types of beers that you can enjoy during your stay in the museum. At the end of our tour around the historic Prague we recommend you visit the "dancing house" built in 1996. The architecture of the building will surely amazed! The creators of the house - Frank Gehry and Vladimir Milunichsa were inspired by the dancing of Ginger Rogers and Fred Astaire and decided to build this building. Today it is the subject of much controversy - some say it's a work of art, while others find it inappropriate.

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