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Bozentzi-baba-Rajna-staiHistorical attractions in Bojentsi through my eyes of a traveler and explorer. First let me start with a rather tiresome trip to this picturesque Bulgarian village. Narrow winding roads not very far from Tryavna and Gabrovo, but still exhausting especially for people who have become ill while traveling by car or bus.
And so we arrive at Bojentsi, car parking for 2 lev. So far so good, we go to the information to understand which option is best for us (we are considering the most interesting houses with guided tour).
 Buy a family ticket 12 plus 7 lev lev for the tour.
Bozentzi-Doncho-Popov-ekspoziciaThe first object is the workshop "vice". Extremely detailed explanation of how the purified wax in cash. Bulgaria can not attend university, but had extremely ingenious engineering.
If you want to see live how it happens every September museum workers demonstrate the skills of medieval Bulgarians. Our second stop is the house museum "Doncho Popov." Singularly, well restored house shows an overall plan how family lived in one of the richest men in Bozhentsi.
For me the most interesting was how warm their house in the winter and food preparation. As I mentioned the food I noticed that the mass is lower than the chairs. The explanation seemed a little absurd. The idea was to eat to lean forward and squint your stomach and thus consume less food.
Bozentzi-Doncho-Popov-zenska-staqThe museum exhibits are very cookware copper and porcelain, various tools (mainly handicraft and agricultural tools and implements). The third house on our walk among the sights Bozhentsi is the house of "Baba Rayna."
Small house showing how poor people lived in the village. Some of the exhibits were familiar to me from my childhood, when I lived in the village with my grandmother and my grandfather (pitchers, three-legged chairs, table, chest and chakrak). However, I noticed that I did not see anywhere toilets. I asked questions of the tour guide and she told me: "The toilet was everywhere in the yard." It felt funny and naturally not believed. We went to the museum exhibition in the "old school". I was able to touch the life of people and even saw the gun kremakliyka.
Bozentzi-kasta-baba-RajnaThe last stop on our walk Bozhentsi is a religious school. The attraction was my little dream Danny to write with ink and duck feather. Of course once wrote of the plate with wax because they had no paper or leather. Religious school is located in the churchyard (the highest point of the village). Since about Bojentsi no equal place they are engaged in apiculture and had orchards.
The main revenues however were of an itinerant trade. I asked another question of the tour guide. "How such a rich village that time has gone unnoticed by the Ottoman Empire? How are gathered Danica authorities and why the Turks are not molest them." The answer was: "Basically Turks knew Bozhentsi there were several huts and sending in person. So stop zaptieh at the beginning of the village.
Bozentzi-Uchiliste-fasada Allow your horse and turned the gun nadolo. Take what give him the village and departs . Shortly I do not think that was right, to tell the Turkish authorities on how to behave in a village.
You to collect any Danica someone has to go and assess the property if you like or something. Hardly Turks did not know about the village more Bulgarians have paid properly for them hook (this is my guess). In the end, a very interesting place in which I felt the Bulgarian spirit, heard only Bulgarian folk songs, tried beans I looked in the pot and handmade souvenirs by Bulgarian masters. If someone has not been there, I strongly recommend to do it.

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