Interesting and unforgettable attractions in Mexico City

As I came into the Mexican coast without much delay immediately wanted to visit the attractions in Mexico City. I had heard a lot about them, but I wanted to see them personally and of course to make nice pictures of Mexico City.
Mexico Teotihuacan pyramid of the sun
Mexico templo mayor I confess always prefer to walk away and rarely use public transport or car. Thus manage to capture the spirit of the local architecture and quiet to enjoy everything worth seeing. The first place you will draw your attention is Teotihuacan, charismatic place situated 2285 meters above sea level.
V to VII century it was the largest city in North America with a population of about 250 thousandths people. Currently you can see a huge area Pyramid of the Sun, other pyramids and stepped terraces, which served as rites of the Indians.
Mexico Popocatepetl mount
Mexico PopocatepetlSince Teotihuacan was located only 50 km from Mexico City is a popular tourist destination. The other main historical attraction is the Metropolitan Cathedral. The largest cathedral in the Americas, built and expanded from 1573-1813 year.
The main facade is formed by two towers of which there are dozens of bells. I personally I have heard how both sound and I can tell you that the feeling is unique. You will not get one day explore and see Metropolitan Cathedral inside and out, but at least one can ask some of the chapels. Historical Center in Mexico City.
Mexico historic center
So huge square have not seen in my life and in my opinion under certain conditions may even land a plane. Maybe only the Red Square in Moscow could rival the one in Mexico City. Actually this place before the arrival of the Spanish colonizers was located the ancient city Tenochtitlan. During the winter months the square is used for artificial rink.
Mexico Catedral Metropolitana
 Templo Mayor, a museum in the center of Mexico City, which unfortunately is not very preserved Temple of the Aztecs only basis. But the museum exhibition I could see a model of the entire Temple Complex. To tell the truth is quite beautiful and impressive in size.
 Recent landmarks in Mexico City are the two volcanoes Popocatepetl and Iztaccihuatl, which you can see from anywhere in the city.
If you manage to climb at least one of them will see the entire valley which was built Mexico City. In clear weather make great panoramic pictures of Mexico City. Both volcano with a height of over 5000 meters, which in the winter snow lasts quite independently that are close to the equator.

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