Alps mountains in Europe

The largest mountain range in Europe is Alps. Mont Blanc is the highest peak in the Alps on the border between France and Ithream. My recommendation is if you decide to eventually climb it to go the French side in the beautiful town of Chamonix.
Alps Austria KaunertalAlps Aiguille du Midi Most climbers do just that. Roger is this beautiful mountain that is divided into three parts: French Western Alps, Swiss Alps central and eastern Alps in Austria. Enjoy the fresh alpine air, green valleys and white mountain peaks of the Jungfrau Region.
Mount Eiger, Mönch and Mount Jungfrau towering in the distance covered in snow hat, part of the wonders of the Alps. Lake Geneva is also an attractive destination if you enjoy the tranquility of nature.
 Walk along the beach can you meet Chillon castle built in the 11th century and of course the beautiful city of Montreux in the heart of Switzerland. Rhine Falls the largest waterfall in Europe near Schaffhausen.
Alps Austria landscape
The location is particularly attractive for photographers in good weather compete to make panoramic photos of the Rhine Falls. Near the waterfall is the fortress Schloss Laufen.
Alps Geneva lakeMount Matterhorn, the most famous peak in the Alps and the most difficult to climb. However, climbers compete to climb, but unfortunately there are many victims over the years.
City Grindelwald in Switzerland, a beautiful place to vacation and skiing in the ski center Wengen.
 Near him is glacier Eiger. Eastern Alps are relatively low, but are ideal for winter sports. There are many famous ski centers Innsbruck, Kitzbuehel, and Hungerburg.
Alps Jungfraujoch Sphinx Gletscher We recommend you to visit and explore the city St Anton am Arlberg. Located in the province of Tyrol - ideal place to relax both in winter and summer. It is interesting to see the location of settlements in the valleys of the Alps.
Alps Rhine FallsSmall towns follow each other, and between them there are many beautiful natural scenery.
The roads are very well maintained in both summer and winter to provide easy access to the ski pistes high in the Alps.
A typical example is the municipality of Kaunertal.  The main income for such small municipalities is tourism. Saddle Jungfraujoch in the Swiss Alps It is also called the top of Europe because it is at an altitude of 3466 meters.
Alps St Anton am Arlberg in summer
You can safely climb because there is a specially built railway. Top awaits restaurant with panoramic views of 360 degrees.
The last attraction in the Alps which will mention in this article is the Aiguille du Midi. Located in southern France at an altitude 3842 m. Interest for tourists represents the gondola, which no intermediate support will climb from 1035 m to 3842 m. On the top you expect cafeteria and panoramic views of the most beautiful places in the Alps.

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