Most interesting experiences in North America and panoramic photos

North America Alaska Denali National ParkMy journey among the most visited attractions in North America started from the east coast and in particular in New York. This cosmopolitan city seemed somewhat cold and crowded, so I hurried to leave.
North America Appalachian landscapeI am a traveler who loves most natural beauty of our planet. For this reason I want to write only for nature in all its forms.  A brief reference in Google Earth shows that in the eastern states from north to south passes Appalachian mountain chain.
To be honest I expected from these mountains are quite high, but unfortunately not true.
North America Appalachian trail landscape However, here you can visit many national parks and reserves such as Acadia National Park in the state of Maine and the mountains Blue Ridge. The coast of North America is quite attractive, but I was impressed by overbuilding and the lack of beautiful beaches.
There is no dispute that the infrastructure is very high and houses along the coast are real mansions and castles. Beaches in South America I liked more particularly Florida peninsula around Miami. Foremost among the beaches in Florida liked Palm Beach, followed by Naples Beach and Siesta Key.
North America blue ridge mountain landscapeThen continue my journey by ship to Louisiana and the city of New Orleans.  Here Mississippi River empties into the Gulf of Mexico. I boarded a ship and began to travel up the river its tributaries, namely the Missouri River and the Ohio River.
 My idea was to get to the city of Chicago, which is quite north. As much as I would like to stay in the East, so my heart was attracted to the Midwest and west coast of America. There are a lot of things worth seeing.
North America grand canyon Colorado river
In the Grand Canyon, I needed at least a week to travel around the most important places for panoramic photos and ran with rafting on the Colorado River.
 The experience was great and would recommend it to anyone who wants to climb the adrenaline. There are many interesting rock formations that can shoot in Utah and Arizona. I traveled to California and to admit my expectations were confirmed, because here I felt the American spirit in every respect. People are very friendly typical southerners.
North America naples beach florida
North America Palm Beach FloridaIn California, most impressed me Yosemite National Park. Extremely beautiful landscapes I saw happen to good weather. I managed to photograph rock El Capitan and Lembert Dome. I did not get to Alcatraz island because I missed the ferry and the pictures are far from me.
 I am an amateur mountaineer and climbing in the high mountains and for this my goal was to finish his trip in Alaska and try to photograph Mount McKinley.
Rocky mountains Canada
The budget that we have, however, was small and only managed to visit Denali National Park. Alaska had heard many things and to my delight it turned out to be true.
Whole summer to walk again not be able to see anything but nature here is really unique.
North America Yosemite national park
In Canada I was little, but it was enough to make an unforgettable trip to the Rocky Mountains, which as I had heard and seen on television.
This is just one editorial that will continue in subsequent materials for each natural attraction in North America. All the most interesting in this block yet, but if you have any questions please ask them to contact form.

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