Winter-spring hike around Momina Polyana hut

valey Momina
Rousse group is back in action. Five people brave mountaineers decided to do a hike in the Balkan region of Momina Polyana hut. The best option to start is now deserted hut Cordell a few kilometers from the village Divchovoto.  
There we parked the car and after short preparations went from there. Cordell hut is located next to a small river that must be crossed and go up through the woods.
 Time our luck was quiet and warm for the season. After an hour we went climbing in the forest and made the first break of Momina Polyana 1.  
We had a sweat and had to get dressed. Short 10 minutes break and waiting for us in the transition forest and   Momina Polyana 2 then again forest and Momina Polyana 3.

Pleasant and very boot hike around Momina Polyana hut

hiza Momina Poliana The weather was still nice to walk, and in the distance could be heard thunder. Trail, which shortcuts the ridge of Stara Planina, in particular peak Momin Chukar and takes us to the beautiful area Senkov Polyana. 
 You did a great holiday to support with food and drinks. That left us a little more effort in the forest until we reach the road leading to Momina Polyana hut. 
Hizhari buy Banyo welcomed us smiling and seated us in the best room for 6 people. 
Since he had no information about the guests of Ruse, had not prepared the food. Suggest if you want to cook your own soup lens. All products had enough wood for the stove. The problem is that no wound cooking. Since I am keen cook on Facebook, had to save the situation. 
Momina poliana
vrah KartalPrepared delicious lentil documented with video and photos. The next day we went around eight and a half hours up to the area Momin Chukar and tip cards. It was nice up through the woods, but had to climb 400 meters displacement, which makes it difficult for us because we are ready physically. Marked trail passes through forest, then it went to the meadow covered with hard snow
The weather was more than nice. We did a whole photo shoot videos and how no problem climbing Mount Kartal.  
Momin Chukar From there we continued along the ridge of Stara Planina along abandoned and half ruined hut Mountain springs and about 500 meters from her fountain spouts five. Here, too, we made some nice pictures and started to climb Mount Tetevenska grandmother. 
 Snow on the ridge of Stara Planina was quite a bit and sometimes almost dry, which is very easier and after 40 minutes we were on top. 
 We did a whole photo shoot with Yordan Donchev and Ivaylo Angelov, who have a tradition to be photographed topless every higher peak regardless of the weather changes in the weather.  
Haidushki kamaniTake a break for half an hour, supported with food and water and enjoying the beautiful view of the mountains. The descent began in the locality Haidushki kamani to Anton Pass or as is more commonly known as Popov graves.
  Did you slide down the slope, which documented with videos for evidence. The trail, which passes caught in peak Pork mound, which I will remember that my camera battery over and down the forest. 
Photo of Bulgarian mountains
 From this point, I came out of the marked trail and the next track in the forest, which was supposed to take us to the Roman road. The track passes through the saddle Sonara and down to the ravine of the river. Under Roman road must be understood small path in the woods covered with rotting leaves, which in places is lost. We saw two deer who run pretty fast and we could not photograph them. 
 At the end of the whole transition were pretty tired after 7½ hours safely completed the two-day transition around Momina Polyana hut. Our expectations deserved rest in Guest House Pochivka is situated in Cherni Osam .  Conditions in the house are very good if you are in the hotel four stars. Kind hosts did their best to serve you with local specialties and drink from the famous Troyan plum brandy.


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